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40 Done-For-You Citations – ($89)
80 Done-For-You Citations – ($149)
150 Done-For-You Citations – ($280)

We compile a large “master list” of citation sources. Why?

  • We want to track what citations that have already been built for you to ensure there’s no overlap in your orders.
  • You’ll need a full list of all potential citation sources available so your local site will rise above everyone elses.

This Master List is composed of 3 key elements:

  • The best citation sources of your top 5 ranking competitors.
  • The top 50 best citation sources for your city.
  • Any key citation sources that might be missing from the list after its compiled are added.

With Key Two Success Marketing Agency you can check online listings off your list, almost effortlessly.

You’ll only need to fill out your approved data once per business location. The rest of the process is automated.

  • Maximize your reach by sending accurate listings to the major aggregators, search engines, directories, and apps that matter most to your customers.

  • Save time by making quick edits across the board when your business data changes.

  • Prevent repeated work with the only automated solution that offers complete closure of harmful duplicate listings instead of temporary suppression.

How it helps smaller businesses

Brands with fewer locations have to balance the importance of working online with the urgency of their day-to-day. Key Two Success Marketing Agency  does the hardest work for you, letting you spend more time with your customers.

  •  So let’s check online listings off your list, almost effortlessly.
  • Build trust in your customers and in search engines.
  • Know when it’s working and when to take action.