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Business messaging made easy. Send thousands of text messages anywhere in the world with the Key Two Success Web to SMS service. No SMS software downloads required; sign up and be sending from dashboard  within minutes.

Marketing SMS

SMS Marketing is when businesses spread permission-based (Opt in) promotional messages by text. Examples of SMS Marketing are a restaurant promoting 50% off main meals on a specific night. A fashion store inviting you to a VIP night, a gym letting you know a new class is available. Most SMS Marketing is done via dashboard in the form of bulk SMS. All SMS Marketing messages must have an Opt-out function at the end of the message. Generally in the form of ‘Reply STOP’.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is generally all business text messages that aren’t marketing or promotional.They are functional or informational text messages. About a product or service that a customer has engaged with. Examples of Transactional SMS are a dentist surgery reminding you of an appointment. An auto centre reminding you your car is due for a service. A delivery service saying a parcel is out for delivery. Transactional SMS messages can be consistent in their content and done at scale. So businesses will generally use an SMS Gateway API to automate the process. Transactional SMS messages are not required to have an opt-out message.

Take Your Business Messaging to Another Level With MMS

Easily send your customers and staff multimedia content to seriously enhance engagement.  

What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS is a standard protocol for sending multimedia content between devices. Including video, images, audio plus unlimited characters. In contrast to SMS, which is text only and restricted to 160 characters.

MMS messages are a visual, richer alternative to sending SMS messages. Incorporating MMS into your mobile campaigns allows you to be more creative. MMS allows brands to use images, videos and GIFs to drive their desired outcomes, but MMS is a two-way street. Brands can also request and receive rich media from their audience. This makes MMS perfect for elevating competitions, requests and feedback.

Via the ClickSend online dashboard or API you can send mass MMS messages to your audience in seconds. That could be thousands of images, videos, coupons or audio files to your database in a few clicks. And with SMS/MMS having a 98% open rate your messages are being viewed and consumed.

  • Animated promotional cards
  • Competitions
  • Coupons & promotions with scannable codes
  • Instructional videos with sound
  • Special announcements
  • Preview/Trailer videos