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Mesh Banners


Mesh banners are great for indoor or outdoor use, even in areas that are windy or wet. Air passes through the mesh material easily so that your customers can communicate their message no matter the weather and are wrinkle free.

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8oz Polyester Mesh

Polyester mesh is lightweight yet strong. The weave of this polyester scrim facilitates air flow, giving it extra durability without making the banner heavy. The caliper is at approximately 16 mil.

Mesh Banner Printing

Our custom mesh banner printing process involves printing on the polyester mesh with a backer to ensure the best print quality. Simply peel off the backer and your custom printed mesh banners are ready to use.

The Perfect Outdoor Banners

Our mesh banners have low wind resistance and are both anti-smudge and anti-abrasive. These features, along with their quick drying properties, make these custom printed mesh banners perfect for outdoor use.

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